How to have a successful connection

A successful connection relies on:

  • good bandwidth and speed of your internet connection
  • the device you are using
  • the internet (web) browser you are using.

Data usage and cost

An upload and download speed of at least 1Mbps is required. You can test your connection speed at before joining a consultation. To check what browser you are using go to

Fifteen minutes of videoconferencing will use approximately 80 megabytes of data download. The full cost will be determined by the data plan.

You should consider participants' waiting times when establishing workflows and continuously monitor wait times and adjust workflows to minimise participants' wait times.

Recommended system requirements

Not all mobile devices have the capability to run myVirtualCare. It is not possible to test every make and model to confirm compatibility. We strongly recommend testing your device before your appointment.
Desktops and laptops

Your computer must have a minimum core i5 CPU and 4GB RAM.

Apple devices

Devices running OS 11+

Apple Safari version 11.1+

Windows devices

Devices running Windows 7 or Windows 10

Google Chrome version 80+

Mozilla Firefox version 60+

Edge version 80+

Mobile devices
Apple devices

iPhone 7+ and iPads using iOS 11+

Apple Safari version 11.1+

Android and Windows devices

Android devices running Android 7.0+

Google Chrome version 80+

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