Training and resources


Training modules are available to help myVC users to become competent and confident users of the platform. There are separate online modules available for each role within myVC, accessible through My Health Learning.

To access training, please log in to My Health Learning and search for myVirtualCare or by course code.

Course name Course code
myVC for clinician 317978152
myVC for coordinator 317978521
myVC for system administrators 317978013
myVC for interpreters 317978794
myVirtualCare user: recording 358615836
myVirtualCare coordinator: recording 378323595
myVirtualCare interpreter: Recording 411173676


Statewide resources have been developed to support users of myVC. These are located on the Virtual Care Central SharePoint site (NSW Health staff only).

If you would like to suggest a resource to be developed, please email the ACI Virtual Care team at

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