Frequently asked questions

You need to be added to the room by your clinic myVC co-ordinator.

myVC is web-based so calls are conducted through the internet and not a phone line.

Yes. Your waiting list is still visible while you are in a consultation.

There is a 60 minute timeout. It is best to proactively manage participant wait times via chat, or arrange to call them back using the direct call function.

Just the items you choose – the waiting room queue will automatically collapse.

No – when connecting you all move into your own individual rooms.

The participant link can be sent via SMS, email or letter, or via direct call (invite participant).

You need to book using your regular process. Send the interpreter the participant link, or add them to the call using the invite participant function.

With the patient: use the invite participant function to add another clinician.

Without the patient: send the patient back to the waiting room, direct call the other clinician, then re-connect to the patient.

Select invite participant from direct call or from in an active call. Enter the network number of the device. DX80s have a name and number on the screen. For example, the format in SESLHD is 705XXXXX. Other LHDs may see 707XXXXX or 711XXXXX etc.

You cannot initiate a myVirtualCare consultation from a CISCO videoconferencing device or videoconferencing cart. The host clinician can add a CISCO, DX80 or videoconferencing cart machine to an active call with the invite participant button.

Fifteen minutes of videoconferencing will use approximately 80 megabytes of data download. The full cost will be determined by the data plan.
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