Admin view

This is accessed via the home page. Only system administrators and coordinators can see the admin view button. The admin view provides a window to the backend of myVC where rooms can be established, monitored and managed.

System administrators have full access to the rooms in their organisation. Coordinators only have access to the rooms they have been assigned to.

What can you do in admin view?

Admin view provides the following options:

  • Create a virtual room (system administrators only)
  • Edit room settings
  • Locate and copy the URL link for the virtual rooms
  • Download a list of all the virtual rooms (system administrators only)
  • Monitor overall room status.

Admin view layout

The admin view page has two icons.

1. The cog wheel allows you to access and edit a room’s settings.

2. The link icon provides access to the external participant link.

The admin view page has four columns. Each column can be rearranged in ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrow to the right of the column name.

screenshot -admin view layout

Name of Room lists all the virtual rooms that you have access to.

  • System administrators will see everything in their district.
  • Coordinators will only see the rooms that they have been assigned to.

Waiting lists how many participants have connected.

Longest Wait (Mins) lists the length of time a participant has been waiting.

Calls in Progress lists the number of active calls in that virtual room.

The search bar in the top right corner can also be used to filter information.

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