How to get the participant link for myVC coordinators and system admins

A unique URL link allows participants to connect to the correct clinical service. This link is required for all participants who are joining the appointment virtually. Participants may include the patient, consumers, family members, carers and any health or social care provider who may be engaged with the patients care.

The participant URL links are accessible to all users in their user profile Room Availability and Notifications or in the room settings by coordinators and system administrators.

Access the room link

  1. Access the admin view page.
  2. Identify the room you are looking for. Where you have access to multiple rooms use the search function to quickly locate the room you want.
  3. Select the link icon . This will automatically copy the room URL link. Once you copy the link, a pop up of a grey outlined box will appear on the bottom of the screen. This confirms you have copied the link to the virtual room.
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