How information is kept private and secure

myVC is secured on the NSW Health network.

The myVC platform and the Amazon Web Services cloud have been through NSW Health approved privacy and security assurance review and penetration testing.

myVC is an approved and supported clinical videoconferencing platform for use by NSW Health staff.

Risk management

Safety is a core fundamental in the provision of healthcare, regardless of the mode of delivery. All processes put in place to support safe practice apply to virtual care, including undertaking risk assessments, mandatory reporting requirements and entering reports of incidents into the NSW Health Incident Management System (ims+).

myVC was designed with safety and privacy in mind.

All participants wait in a virtual waiting room on their own. Each individual consultation link is unique.

The clinician controls when to connect participants from the waiting room.

For additional privacy the secured room can be locked.

Functionality allows clinicians to remove participants at any time.

After the end of a call, chats, documents and other information that is shared or uploaded during the consultation is removed.

For further information please see Virtual Care – Embedding safety in practice or Virtual Care in Practice (NSW Health staff only) or speak with your virtual care or telehealth manager.

NSW Health policies

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