How to control notifications

You have control over your own notifications and these can be used to suit your workflow and personal preferences from your user profile.

The default notification is an on-screen pop-up when participants enter the room. You need to be in the waiting queue, or click the notification bell, to receive these.

You can customise your room notifications and availability settings from your user profile. You can select from different types of notifications and multiple modes of delivery. Follow these steps to learn where to access notifications and how to customise your notifications.

Accessing notifications

Click on your name to access your User Profile.

Select Room Availability and Notifications.

User profile information screen

The rooms that you are a member of will open in a list.

You can see the rooms you are a member of and your availability.

Accessing room notification settings

To access your room notification settings, click on the arrow pointing down.

The pointer indicates where to click to show your notification settings.

Selecting modes of delivery

You can select three different modes to receive notifications:

  • On-screen Browser
  • SMS
  • Email.
Notifications window with all delivery modes selected.
Notifications screen selecting SMS and email.

The mode of delivery is selected by ticking the relevant mode. You can select more than one if desired. Ensure that you have pre-filled the correct phone number and email in your user profile to ensure notifications are received.

The SMS button will be greyed out and cannot be selected if there is no mobile number saved in your user profile.

You can test each delivery mode in your user profile.

Notification settings window with default settings.

There are four types of notifications to select from.

  1. Notify me when a participant enters the waiting room.
  2. Notify me when a participant sends a chat message.
  3. Notify me when a participant has been waiting for __ minutes. If required, this notification can be enabled to recur at the various time intervals.
  4. Escalation: Notify me when a participant has been waiting for __ minutes.
Notifications with delay window.

Note: if you have a recurring notification, the escalation notification becomes redundant.

Save changes

Make sure you select Save Changes after you have customised your notification settings or you will have to repeat the change.

Don't forget to save your changes.

Global notification settings

You can set your notifications at a room level or at a global level.

Global notification is accessed through the Room Availability and Notifications button within your user profile.

Global notification allows you to enable, or disable notifications, and to set an escalation alert for all your rooms.

Global escalation notifications will be sent even when General Notification Settings are disabled.

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