What are the myVC environments?

There are three environments for myVC.

Production (PROD)

The production environment is the released version of myVC and is accessible to all users. This version will only change when there are scheduled releases or upgrades. This is the real-time environment where clinical care is provided.

Access the production environment

Training (TRAIN)

System administrators, coordinators, clinicians and interpreters use the training environment to familiarise themselves with myVC, demonstrate the functionalities of the system and train new users.

Access the TRAIN environment

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

This is a test environment that reflects the Production environment. Interface or functionality changes that have been developed in the Development environment are pushed to the UAT environment for formal testing. These are reviewed by virtual care / telehealth managers or leads, and expert users to ensure that they meet the intended outcome prior to being pushed to the Production environment.

Access the UAT environment

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