What is myVirtualCare?

myVirtualCare (myVC) is a safe and secure web-based videoconferencing platform used for NSW Health clinical care.

It has been custom-built to mimic the physical workflow of a clinical consultation. It offers a convenient and high-quality virtual experience, connecting healthcare providers with:

  • patients
  • consumers
  • carers
  • interpreters
  • other service providers.

myVC is only approved for patient consultations. It is not to be used for other functions such as internal team or project meetings and interviews.

This video is a 2 minute introduction into how myVC works.

How does myVC work?

myVC allows clinicians to have voice only (telephone) or audio-visual (videoconferencing) calls with patients, carers, interpreters and other health professionals.

It supports multiple participants in a single call that is controlled by the clinical lead. It can also be used to conduct multidisciplinary reviews and consultations.

Web-based and accessible

Single point of access

Virtual waiting room


Transfer between rooms

Direct call or add participants

Customised notifications

Simultaneous consultations

Multiple participants

Attach files and pictures

Point of care patient survey

Data dashboard

25,000 NSW Health clinicians use myVirtualCare for clinical consultations

How myVC can be used

This platform can be used across all NSW Health facilities in these settings:

  • first response
  • emergency
  • admitted
  • non-admitted.

It supports participants such as patients, consumers, carers and other health and social care providers to join via a web link.

Security and privacy

myVC is secured on the NSW Health network.

The myVC platform and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud have been through the NSW Health approved privacy and security assurance review and penetration testing.

Risk management

Safety is a core fundamental in the provision of healthcare, regardless of the mode of delivery. All processes put in place to support safe practice apply to virtual care, including:

  • undertaking risk assessments
  • mandatory reporting requirements
  • entering reports of incidents into the NSW Health Incident Management System (ims+).

Safe and private

myVC was designed with safety and privacy in mind.

  • All participants wait in a virtual waiting room on their own. Each link is unique.
  • The clinician controls when to connect participants from the waiting room.
  • For additional privacy the secured room can be locked.
  • Functionality allows clinicians to remove participants at any time.
  • Following the end of a call, all information is removed. This means that chats, documents and other information that is shared or uploaded during the consultation is no longer available.
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