Resources for clinicians and their patients

The ACI has developed a series of resources to help support health professionals and consumers to access and use virtual care.

For clinicians

For patients

Virtual care makes accessing palliative care easy

The Virtual care makes accessing palliative care easy is also available in the languages below.

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Resources to support virtual visiting

It is important for patients in hospital to stay connected to families and carers for their social and emotional wellbeing. The resources below have been developed to support virtual visiting where in-person visits may not be possible. Practical guides help explain how health staff, patients and their loved ones can use the different technologies to facilitate virtual visiting.

Supporting virtual visiting provides an overview of the Stay Connected program and how family members can be involved as virtual partners in the care of their loved ones.

Virtual visiting guides for health staff:

Virtual visiting guides for patients, families and carers:

Access myVirtualCare and Pexip resourcesAccess information and resources about virtual care for the community

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