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Renal Network

Working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for patients accessing renal ambulatory, home dialysis, renal transplant and supportive services throughout NSW.

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  • To establish a statewide system of data collection to measure current dialysis activity and capacity.
  • To advise NSW Ministry of Health on strategies to better manage dialysis capacity across NSW, from avoiding risks to adequate provision of dialysis services.
  • To assist in delaying onset of end-stage renal failure in at-risk groups.
  • To support mechanisms to provide palliative care for patients with chronic renal disease through Renal Supportive Care Program.
  • To establish strategies to address workforce needs.


  • Introduction of the Renal Supportive Care Program.
  • Development of a prevention strategy and proposed action plan for reducing progression to end-stage renal failure.
  • Input to statewide planning, leading to improved access to dialysis facilities for rural and metropolitan patients since 2003.
  • NSW services have doubled living-donor transplantation rates since 2003.
  • Support of working groups to develop evidence-based best practice guidelines.
  • Collaboration with HealthShare NSW to implement standardised dialysis purchasing procedures throughout NSW.
  • Co-ordination of a state-based advanced trainee education program, available throughout Australasia.
  • Centralised medical trainee recruitment process, supporting increased local nephrology trainee appointments.
  • The Renal Network is represented on the national group advising Australian Council on Healthcare Standards on renal clinical indicators.

Renal Network


Annie Hutton
Renal Network Manager

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