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Rehabilitation Network

Working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for patients accessing rehabilitation care across NSW.

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Oxford Cognitive Screen - Australian version (OCS-AU)

Resources for implementing the OCS-AU into clinical practice.

Visit the Oxford Cognitive Screen webpage

Understanding brain injury specialist rehabilitation in NSW

A guide for clinicians, health services, funders and insurers.

The aim of this guide is to provide an understanding of the elements of brain injury specialist rehabilitation by integrating rehabilitation, care and community services for the best client outcomes.

Visit the Brain injury specialist rehabilitation website

My rehab, my journey Gadjigadji

Aboriginal people who have a long stay in hospital following trauma or medical episode face some unique challenges.

My rehab, my journey – Gadjigadji aims to support clinicians and health staff to create a culturally safe environment for Aboriginal people in their ward.

Visit the My rehab, my journey Gadjigadji website

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