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About the Rehabilitation Network

The Rehabilitation Network works to drive improvements in rehabilitation care, improve patient outcomes, and ensure that care is coordinated, patient-centred and evidence based. The Network supports the implementation of the NSW Rehabilitation Model of Care for rehabilitation services across NSW. Rehabilitation services can use the Model of Care, together with the Implementation Toolkit to ensure that the care they provide meets the standard agreed by the NSW Ministry of Health. The Model describes the range of settings in which rehabilitation occurs and identifies key principles which should be in evidence across each of the care settings.

Our People

The Rehabilitation Network is led by an Executive Committee composed of medical, nursing and allied health clinicians, consumers, and managers. The Executive is currently Co-chaired by a medical and a nursing representative.

Dr John J Estell

Dr John J Estell, Co-Chair
Rehabilitation Physician

Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta, Co-Chair
Head of Physiotherapy
Balmain Hospital

Dr John J Estell MBBS., BSc., MSpMed., FAFRM (RACP) is a Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine. He also holds a Masters in Sports Medicine. Dr Estell is the Director of Rehabilitation Services at St George Hospital, a tertiary level, teaching Hospital in Sydney, Australia and also practices in Private Rehabilitation Medicine with appointments to 6 local private hospitals.

Dr Estell is a Rehabilitation Physician with an extensive experience in Stroke Rehabilitation, Trauma Rehabilitation and able-bodied and disabled sports medicine. He has a particular interest in Spasticity management

He has research interests in Epidemiology of Rehabilitation Medicine, Costs and Outcomes of Rehabilitation, Costs and Outcomes of Spasticity Management, Epidemiology of Sports Injuries, Rehabilitation Services and Provision.

Sandeep Gupta is Head of Physiotherapy at Balmain Hospital, a subacute hospital in Sydney. He is experienced in the provision of rehabilitation in an allied health capacity in a variety of settings and for a broad range of conditions.

Sandeep has been an active member of the Network and assisted in the development of the Minimum Standards: Care of the person following Amputation. He is also an active member of two data committees: the NSW Sub and Non-Acute ABF Working Group and the SLHD Allied Health Data Governance Committee.

Sandeep holds a Masters by Research, is an author on five journal publications and is currently involved in two research studies. He is interested in research, data, education and training, and change management to improve patient care.


The ACI Rehabilitation Network is led by an executive committee, which includes rehabilitation specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, service managers, and consumers. There is broad representation across metropolitan and rural settings.

The network has more than 700 members and includes representatives from the public and private rehabilitation sectors, paediatric and adult rehabilitation services, consumers, NGOs, researchers and academics, local health districts and specialty network governed health corporations in NSW. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in improving the quality of Rehabilitation services delivered to the people of NSW.