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Respiratory Network

Working to improve the experience and delivery of healthcare for patients with respiratory conditions across NSW.

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Respiratory Network Priorities

  • To improve the capacity and quality of Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs in NSW.
  • Implementation of the Cystic Fibrosis Model of Care.
  • Implementation of the Pleural Drains in Adults – Consensus Guideline.
  • Implementation Care of Adults in acute facilities with a Tracheostomy (in collaboration with Intensive Care Coordination and Monitoring Unit).
  • Improve access to respiratory education and training opportunities for the NSW workforce.
  • Engage and support Local Health Districts to investigate and address unwarranted clinical variation (COPD, Pneumonia).
  • Develop a Model of Care for Technology Dependent Adults and Children (in collaboration with other ACI Networks and external partners).


  • Revised Pleural Drains in Adults – Consensus Guidelines 2016 available online in searchable format.
  • Insertion of Pleural Drain via Seldinger technique video - available online.
  • Successful submission for inclusion of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in the IHPA non admitted Tier 2 definitions manual.
  • Statewide Implementation of Care of Adults in acute facilities with a Tracheostomy.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Model of Care Published November 2016.
  • Publication of Aboriginal Respiratory Care consumer resources forCOPD, Pneumonia, Bronchiectasis, Asthma and Lung Cancer.
  • Development and pilot of a Community Acquired Pneumonia and COPD Inpatient Audit tools.
  • NSW Respiratory Forum to showcase research and respiratory service improvement in NSW held in Nov 2015.
  • Statewide respiratory webex education sessions to support the respiratory worksforce across NSW.
  • Collaboration with eHealth to develop respiratory content within the eMR state based build.
  • Collaboration with Thoracic Society Australia and New Zealand to produce a Use of Acute Oxygen in Adults education video.

Respiratory Network


Helen Kulas
Respiratory Network Manager

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