Commitment to consumer partnership

We recognise and appreciate consumers, patients, carers, supporters and loved ones. The voices of people with lived experience are powerful. Their contribution is vital to enabling decision-making for health system change.

  • We partner with and empower consumers of the health system to design and promote better healthcare for all of NSW.
  • We appreciate and respect Aboriginal culture.
  • We strengthen our understanding and partnerships with diverse communities.
  • This commitment to consumer partnership is intended to complement the ACI’s Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal communities.

We partner in a way that is forward thinking, curious, purposeful, and flexible. We listen and act. Our partnership approach embodies trust, transparency, and safety.

In partnership with consumers, we think, talk, and create as equals. As a result, we ensure our work focuses on what matters most to them.

The ACI:

  • recognises that the consumer has experience-based expertise we can learn from
  • works to build relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities using methods they prefer and in a way that addresses cultural needs and safety
  • works to build relationships with diverse populations
  • has a strong focus on creating a safe and fair consumer partnership experience
  • invests in skills for consumers and staff to work in partnership
  • reflects on the way we work together – we want to learn from what works and what does not
  • updates and feeds back to consumers in a transparent way throughout their partnership with us
  • is inclusive of consumers from metropolitan, remote, and rural regions of NSW.

We achieve this through:

  • A learning environment where it is safe to challenge old ways of working, and embrace new ways of working.
  • Teams, networks and directorates develop annual consumer partnership plans. These are action-orientated and achievable.
  • Providing consumers and staff with learning opportunities to increase their skills, confidence, and capability.
  • Recruitment and orientation processes for consumer partners that support ethical and safe engagement.
  • Setting accountabilities and measurements around activity so we can grow and improve (including those defined or suggested by the communities we work with).
  • Taking time to find and maintain the right connections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities so we can listen, build relationships, strengthen partnerships, and learn.
  • Building relationships with diversity leaders to help us build our capability.
  • Employing people with lived experience.

This vision means when staff and consumers partner at the ACI, it is a rewarding experience. Consumer partners know they are heard, trusted, and kept informed. The ACI knows it is striving to be a great engagement capable organisation.


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