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Violence Abuse and Neglect Network

Supporting the development of initiatives and delivery of healthcare for patients and clients who have experienced violence, abuse and neglect.

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The Ministry of Health has engaged the ACI to establish a Violence, Abuse and Neglect (VAN) Clinical Network in NSW Health.

The network will bring together clinicians, managers, clients and carers to develop innovative models of care, give guidance to the system and improve service delivery, system capability and client and staff experience relating to VAN service delivery and mainstream responsiveness.

The Ministry has engaged ACI to support the VAN redesign program through the development and implementation of two projects:

  1. VAN Services Redesign Local Implementation Support Project
  2. The VAN Clinical Network

Current Projects

VAN Services Redesign Local Implementation Support Project

ACI have been engaged by the Ministry from February 2019 until June 2020 and will provide support to twelve LHDs/SHNs who nominated themselves in an EOI process to participate in the VAN Services Redesign Local Implementation Support Project.

ACI will support the development of local implementation plans and develop local staff skills and knowledge in redesign and implementation based on the Integrated Prevention and Response to Violence, Abuse and Neglect (IPARVAN) Framework.

ACI has adopted a phased support approach, to enable participation of all LHDs and SHNs who submitted EOIs. It is expected this approach will provide shared learning and support opportunities between LHDs and SHNs, including those who have not applied. The VAN Clinical Network Manager will support this project.

Other local implementation support

VAN Redesign Program support in addition to that provided by the ACI Local Implementation Support Project includes:

  • VAN Redesign Program Team (PARVAN, Ministry of Health)
  • The VAN Clinical Network
  • LHD/SHN PARVAN Senior Executives (Tier 2/3) Steering Committee and PARVAN Senior Managers Advisory Group (every LHD/SHN has representation on these groups).

Network Launch

Thank you to everyone who attended the VAN Network launch. We were very fortunate to have so many incredible speakers and subject matter experts share their time and insights. The presentations and program are now available on Basecamp.

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Violence Abuse and Neglect Network


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