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Maternity and Neonatal Network

The Maternity and Neonatal Network is currently being established. It will bring together clinicians, health managers and consumers to improve the experience and delivery of maternity and neonatal health care in NSW.

The statewide Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Network provides expert clinical advice and leadership to NSW Health on maternity and neonatal care, services and improvement.

The Maternity and Neonatal Network is a multidisciplinary network of members, including clinicians, consumers and healthcare leaders in both public and private sectors.

Why join the Maternity and Neonatal Network?

  • Keep up to date on the latest innovations occurring across the maternity and neonatal care sector.
  • Collaborate and share ideas.
  • Have your say and be involved in key projects that will help improve the experience and delivery of maternity and neonatal health care in NSW.

Our role

The focus of the Maternity and Neonatal Network is to:

  • improve the quality and experience of maternity and neonatal care for families
  • improve the experience for people delivering maternity and neonatal care
  • improve the maternal and neonatal health of the NSW community in line with the objectives of the First 2000 Days Framework
  • share knowledge where real innovation is required to solve complex problems
  • reduce unnecessary variation in perinatal and newborn care
  • foster shared learning and experiences across the sector
  • provide leadership and clinical engagement
  • develop and review clinical guides
  • develop models of care and cross agency partnerships.

The Maternity and Neonatal Network will also work with individual districts to support their implementation of new models of maternity and neonatal care; review and develop policies for the Ministry of Health, as required; and assist districts with writing protocols and developing guidance documents.


In 2020, the functions of the Pregnancy and Newborn Services Network (PSN) managed by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network were reviewed in depth. This resulted in a decision by the Secretary, NSW Health to move these functions to existing entities within NSW Health. Two new structures were created:

  1. The Maternity and Neonatal Network at the ACI
  2. The Maternity and Neonatal Patient Safety Program at the Clinical Excellence Commission.

The existing Maternity and Newborn team at the Ministry of Health has also been strengthened to support statewide policy and project work.

Our priorities

  • Establishing the network’s executive team
  • Engaging with clinicians and building network membership
  • Transitioning functions from the former PSN and evaluating existing meetings/committees

Who’s involved?

  • Network Manager: Amanda Justice
  • Project Officers: Melanie Lewis and Joanne Sheils
  • Senior Clinical Advisor (Obstetrics): Daniel Challis
  • Senior Clinical Advisor (Neonatal): Robert Guaran

The network is open to clinicians, consumers and managers with experience, interest and passion in improving health outcomes for pregnant women, newborns and their families.

Join the network