Working with consumers

We value the passion, wisdom and insight that consumers bring to healthcare services in NSW. Consumers are a critical source of information when planning, designing and innovating in healthcare.

There are many ways to work with consumers – each serving a specific purpose that supports health services to reach their goals.

Our steps to consumer partnership provide a useful roadmap that can help staff become more capable and skilled at working with consumers.

Why work with consumers?

Healthcare organisations benefit greatly from working with consumers to solve problems. These benefits include:

  • greater consumer understanding of health issues and local health priorities
  • improved staff, consumer and community satisfaction, ownership and investment
  • targeted local research and innovation, and reduced duplication and waste
  • higher quality health services that meet the needs of the people who use and deliver them.

Who are consumers?

We view the term ‘consumer’ to be inclusive of people, families, carers and communities who are current, previous or potential users of health services.

Meaningful collaboration with patients, carers and communities is crucial to provide services that meet a variety of individual, community and cultural needs.

Your roadmap to working with consumers

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