Support for innovation

Working with consumers

Our vision is for consumers and families to be equal partners in health care improvement in NSW. Resources and framework for setting up and running your project to get the most from working with consumers.

Redesign and change management

The ACI redesign, innovation and consumer engagement team provides capability development for NSW Health, enabling frontline staff and consumers to work together to improve service delivery across all aspects of the patient journey.


Informing and Shaping Best Practice. At the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) we work closely with clinicians, consumers and managers to design and promote better healthcare for NSW.

Implementation support

Working with ACI Networks, consumers and healthcare providers to assist delivery of healthcare innovations into practice across metropolitan and rural NSW.

Innovation Exchange

The Innovation Exchange provides a collaborative place online to share and promote local innovation and improvement projects and resources.This is the place to showcase great work that is happening, to promote innovations and improvements to health services, and recognise the commitment and expertise of staff working in the NSW Health system.

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