Patient-reported measures

The Patient Reported Measures Program gives patients the opportunity to provide direct, timely feedback about their health-related experiences and outcomes. This feedback helps drive improvements in care across the NSW health system.

Introducing patient-reported measures

Using patient feedback to improve care

Healthcare is changing to align with what matters to the people of NSW – their quality of life.

Patient-reported measures are captured in patient surveys to give clinicians an insight into the needs and expectations of patients at the point of care.

Using this feedback, we can also inform the health system about where it is performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement. This will drive service delivery to ensure patients have the best possible experiences and outcomes from their healthcare.

While feedback from patients has been collected for some time (mostly for research, input into clinical quality registries and/or for quality improvement), a statewide Patient-Reported Measures (PRMs) Program builds on this by using patient feedback across all levels of the health system:

  • at the point of care (to add value to clinicians and their patients)
  • at the health service level
  • at the health system level.

The data collected through this program will be used to:

  • improve clinical practice and quality of life for patients
  • identify excellence
  • drive system-wide improvements.

PRMs enable NSW Health to deliver better value healthcare that is sustainable over time.


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