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Statewide programs


Virtual care, or telehealth, is the delivery of health care at a distance using information communications technology (ICT). This gives patients the option to access and manage their healthcare virtually.

Patient-reported measures

Patient-reported measures provides a way for patients to give health professionals feedback about the outcomes and experiences of care that are important to them.

Leading Better Value Care

Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) is a program accelerating the NSW Health move to value-based healthcare. It is a statewide priority program that aims to improve the health outcomes and experiences of people with specific conditions or risk factors.


The ACI is supporting the NSW health system’s response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic via virtual care/telehealth, Communities of Practice, Critical Intelligence Unit, Pandemic Kindness Movement.

Elective Surgery Improvement Projects

An opportunity to rethink the way surgery is organised, furthering our efforts to shift from volume to value and from outputs to outcomes.

ICU Exit Block Project

A whole of hospital approach to optimising intensive care capacity, Intensive Care NSW is exploring strategies to reduce ICU exit block and improve patient flow.

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