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Implementation support

Working with ACI Networks and healthcare providers in the adoption of healthcare innovations and service improvements across NSW.

Implementation is the action or execution of change. It’s about designing processes and shifting people’s behavior to achieve a desired outcome.

The ACI Implementation Team support ACI Networks/Institutes/Taskforces and healthcare providers to translate healthcare improvements and innovations into everyday practice. The team does this by providing on the ground support to teams of clinicians and managers across NSW, ensuring that local solutions are designed to meet the needs and context of the local environment and community. This approach ensures solutions are effective and sustainable.

Whilst the Implementation Team use Redesign methodology in the development of flexible, patient centered models at a state level, the Plan, Assess, Operationalise process is used to support implementation of best-practice models and standards of care at a site level.


Identify an area of need, build a case for change and obtain sponsorship to proceed with the program of work.

Includes all aspects of project management related to implementation.


Identify local issues and gaps, analyse issues, develop and prioritise solutions.

Includes all aspects of the project informing implementation of the new Model.


Make a plan to put the solutions into practice to align with the Model.

Support changes through ongoing monitoring of change in practice, evaluation and communication.

Includes all aspects of the project related to changing current practice.

Implementation Supports

The Implementation Guide has been developed to support the translation of a model into an effective and sustainable new way of working.  It aims to guide the reader in a step-wise fashion, through the three phases of Implementation and the various steps involved.

The guide is accompanied by a number of resources and tools to assist the implementation process:

The Implementation Team are currently supporting the implementation of the following projects:

  • Building Partnerships: A framework for integrating care for older people with complex health needs
  • Intensive Care Service Model: NSW Level 4 Intensive Care Units
  • Specialist Geriatric Outreach: to Residential Aged Care
  • Service Access and Care Coordination Centres


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