IT platform (HOPE)

Patient-reported measures (PRMs) can be captured electronically using personal computers, tablet devices or smartphones. This enables patients (or their families/carers) to report on their healthcare experiences and outcomes, at the point of care.

A purpose-built IT platform has been co-designed with consumers, clinicians and managers across NSW in partnership with the ACI, eHealth NSW and the NSW Ministry of Health. The system, known as Health Outcomes and Patient Experience (or HOPE) will allow both consumers and clinicians to access real-time information. This will help to understand what matters to patients and support shared decision making about care, treatment and health interventions.

The HOPE platform

HOPE is a secure web-based platform used to house and manage the online surveys and database; and to capture the information provided by patients.

Using PRMs effectively relies on involvement across the entire health system (especially from patients and clinicians) to incorporate PRMs into everyday clinical practice.

The HOPE platform will support this by enabling patients and multidisciplinary care teams to capture, review and act on the data reported in a timely, holistic way.

The HOPE platform will meet the needs of patients, healthcare providers, managers and services in the following ways:

  • Providing a patient and carer portals:Patients and/or their carers can access HOPE using a personal computer, smartphone or tablet. They can access information uploaded by their healthcare provider regarding their specific condition, relevant services or desired outcomes. The carer portal enables nominated carers in HOPE to access HOPE using their own account and complete surveys on behalf of a patient.
  • Single login access: For all healthcare providers and service managers (delivered in Phase 2 & 3 of implementation rollout).
  • Integration of clinical systems: This includes the NSW Health electronic Medical Record (eMR), Patient Administration System (PAS) clinical systems, and general practice desktop systems.
  • Data input by patients at the point of care: This supports healthcare providers to make informed decisions about care and treatment.
  • Enabling the analysis and summary of data from multiple sources: For example, to establish trends among patient populations.
  • Enabling the analysis and summary of patient experience feedback: This occurs at a service level, to inform improvements and the delivery of care.

HOPE implementation

HOPE is being implemented in a phased approach across NSW. This commenced on 1 February 2021.

  • Minimal viable product (MVP): Clinical implementation of the HOPE platform began in February 2021 and is available for access by NSW Health clinicians and invited patients or carers participating in the Value Based Health Care and Integrated Care programs.
  • Phase 1: Phase 1 was built on the existing core product of MVP. Phase 1 included enhancements for carers, culturally and linguistically diverse populations and statewide aggregate reporting. Phase 1 was released in December 2021.
  • Co-HOPE: Co-HOPE was released in May 2022 and enables care to be provided for people with post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 or long COVID, and chronic and complex conditions. Co-HOPE also included enhancements in survey translations and dashboard and reporting functions for clinicians and managers.
  • Phase 2: Integration with the NSW Health electronic Medical Record (eMR) system. Scoping commenced late 2019 with key stakeholders, with work commencing once Co-HOPE Phase was completed.
  • Phase 3: Integration with GP desktop systems. Scoping commenced late 2019 with key stakeholders.

Data governance

All PRMs data is hosted in the ServiceNow Cloud (in Sydney and Melbourne), in compliance with NSW Health’s privacy and confidentiality policies.

PRMs data governance and management framework

The PRMs Data Governance and Management Framework outlines the principles and arrangements for the NSW health system to ensure effective management and governance of the patient-reported measures (PRM) data held by the HOPE system.

The Framework provides key stakeholders with an instrument to govern data assets effectively through the exercise of authority and control (planning, guiding and monitoring) over the management of these assets.

Additionally, the Framework defines the processes that acquire, control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of PRMs data as an important strategic asset for the NSW health system.

Accessing the HOPE platform

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The HOPE platform is a secure website and a password is required to access it. Access is granted when a clinician invites a patient to participate in the PRMs Program – a secure code is provided via email or text message to a mobile phone.

Users of the HOPE platform will be required to identify themselves using a Service NSW authentication process, like when you renew a driver’s licence. No data or information is stored in Service NSW from the HOPE platform.

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