Stay informed about virtual care

There are many different ways for you stay informed and up to date about virtual care.

Community of Practice

The ACI convenes the Virtual Care Clinical Community of Practice (CoP) to provide an opportunity for sharing of ideas, strategies, local solutions and concerns with respect to COVID-19 pandemic preparedness.

The CoP is multidisciplinary and has open membership across all districts and networks, enabling clinicians and clinical managers using virtual care to provide expert advice and guidance to the system, and to escalate matters that require a statewide or system response.

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Virtual Care Exchange Forum

The Virtual Care Exchange Forum showcases innovative models of care and inspires action by sharing knowledge, building acceptance, promoting benefits, fostering collaboration, and discussing challenges. Participants can extend their knowledge and capability when integrating virtual care into clinical practice. It is facilitated by experts and clinical champions who openly share their insights and experiences (successes and failures). The Virtual Care Exchange Forum takes place on every third Thursday of every month (February – November), between 1.00pm and 2.00pm.

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Virtual Care Central

Virtual Care Central is the key reference point for NSW Health staff who are looking for information, resources and news about virtual care.

It can help you to identify and connect with others to assist and support the integration of virtual care into your clinical practice.

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Consumer engagement

We value the passion, wisdom and insight that consumers bring to healthcare services in NSW. Consumers are a critical source of information when planning, designing and innovating in healthcare.

Virtual care as a way to access healthcare has rapidly changed and there are many opportunities to be involved or to share your experiences.

You may want to join a clinical network or want to share your virtual care experiences with us.

To discuss your interest please contacting the Virtual Care Manager at

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