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About Patient Reported Measures

Patient reported measures (PRMs) are surveys that help us to understand what matters most to patients and to find out if the care we deliver supports the outcomes and experiences that patients expect.

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) – capture information about a patient’s quality of life or condition-specific measures (e.g. measuring how diabetes is impacting their life). Responses are directly reported, without interpretation by a clinician or anyone else.

Patient reported experience measures (PREMs) – ask patients to describe, rather than simply evaluate, what happened during their encounters with health services.

Patient Reported Measures Program Video

This video provides information about the PRMs Program including:

  • Who is currently participating in the PRMs Program
  • How patient reported outcomes can be used in a clinical consultation
  • What is involved in the PRMs Program
  • Why - the benefits of patient reported outcomes from a patient and clinician viewpoint

Duration: 10min, 14sec