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Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare at a distance using information communications technology (ICT). This gives patients the option to access and manage their healthcare virtually.

Instead of attending a face-to-face healthcare appointment, technology is used to connect everyone involved from multiple locations, including private locations (home, work) or other health facilities.


  • reduces patient travel, parking and accommodation costs
  • provides care with less disruption to life (family, work, routine)
  • supports care delivery during exceptional circumstances (such as during a pandemic), when it is not possible or you feel unsafe to attend a face-to-face appointment
  • brings together carers and other providers who are involved in care.

Telehealth modalities

The following telehealth modalities are used by NSW Health providers to support care:


Audio connection between two or more people.

Video conferencing

Video connection of two or more people allowing all participants to speak to each other, see each other and in some cases exchange data simultaneously.

Store and forward A mode of transmission involving patient data that has been acquired and provided via email or clinical app to another provider for advice or management.
Remote monitoring

Using technology to collect and send medical and healthcare data to an app, device or service outside the traditional clinical setting.