Tables 3a-c: C6 complete neurological level

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Transfers and moving around

Table 3a: C6 complete neurological level – Transfers and moving around
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Bed mobility Moderate to total assist Motorised height adjustable bed with head raise, knee break and side rails.

May require the following options for positioning: bolster with footboard and Trendelenburg function.
Transfers Total assist Mobile floor or powered ceiling hoist with sling.

Assisted transfer with transfer board may be possible.

Manual: Independent to total assist -depending on ground and floor surface

Power: Independent

Lightweight rigid or folding frame manual wheelchair with modified push rims, e.g. rubber coated or larger diameter rims), and push mitts with power assist or add-on device.


Power wheelchair with tilt-in-space function; may require adapted controls.

Headrest for transport.

Transport May be independent driving from wheelchair or from vehicle seat

Wheelchair accessible van modified for travel as passenger or self-driving with appropriate safety features.

Hand controls to drive, adaptive technique to transfer self and chair into vehicle or with chair hoist, e.g. slide board with sheepskin.


Table 3b: C6 complete neurological level – Self-care
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Pressure redistribution and positioning Moderate to total assist; may be independent with equipment.

Power wheelchair with tilt-in-space function.

Postural support equipment.

Pressure redistribution cushion.

Pressure relieving or redistribution mattress.

Thumb post splint may be useful for positioning thumb when using tenodesis action.

Heel suspension device, e.g. boot or pillow/foam cushion.

Skin inspection mirror.

Toileting Total assist

Mobile shower commode with custom padded seat.

May require increased seat-to-back rest angle and/or padded arm supports.

Showering Moderate assist to total assist

Mobile shower commode as above.

Handheld shower.

Equipment, e.g. soap mitt, long handled brush.


Lower: Moderate to total assist

Upper: Moderate assist to independent

Adaptive techniques and equipment, e.g. clothing loops, ring pull zipper.
Grooming Minimal to total assist Adaptive techniques and equipment, e.g. C-clip, palmar band or universal cuff, built-up toothbrush, long handled aids.
Eating or feeding Moderate to total assist for set up, then independent with equipment

Adaptive feeding equipment and techniques, e.g. palmar band or universal cuff, ringed cutlery, drinking bottle with C-clips stable table.

Drinking system or drink bottle with C-clips for bed and when in wheelchair.

Over bed table with height adjustment.

Domestic life

Table 3c: C6 complete neurological level – Domestic life
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Meal preparation, housework, shopping, home and garden maintenance Moderate to total assist May be able to complete basic tasks with modified methods or equipment.
Assistive technology Independent

Environmental control systems accessed from wheelchair and bed, with handsfree access, to operate home appliances, for example door, intercom, emergency communication device, temperature control and communication devices, such as phone, computer or tablet.

Personal alarm device.

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