Tables 1a-c: C1-4 complete neurological level

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Transfers and moving around

Table 1a: C1-4 complete neurological level – Transfers and moving around
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Bed mobility Total assist

Motorised height adjustable bed with head and foot raise, knee break and side rails.

Scanning bed controller with sip and/or puff (or pillow) switch for independent operation.

May require the following options for positioning: bolster with footboard and Trendelenburg function.

Transfers Total assist Mobile floor or powered ceiling hoist with sling
Mobility (Manual) Total assist Lightweight manual wheelchair with tilt in space, postural supports and headrest.

High back support may be indicated.
Mobility (Power) Independent with highly specialised equipment and portable ventilator Power wheelchair with tilt in space, ventilator tray (for C1-C3), and postural support devices and control equipment (head, breath or chin). Power recline and leg raise if required.
Transport Total assist Van with modified access, appropriate safety features and docking and tie-down systems.


Table 1b: C1-4 complete neurological level – Self-care
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Pressure redistribution and positioning Total assist. May be independent with equipment

Power wheelchair with tilt in space, postural support, and appropriate control systems.

Pressure redistribution cushion.

Pressure relieving or redistribution mattress.

Resting splints for overnight use. May use soft wrist cock-up braces during the day.
Heel suspension device e.g. boot, pillow or foam cushion3

Toileting Total assist Mobile shower commode with custom padded seat, tilt in space, arm troughs for support, head support (for C1-3). May also require lateral supports.
Showering Total assist Mobile shower commode as above or shower trolley.
Handheld shower.
Dressing Total assist  
Grooming Total assist  
Eating or feeding Total assist. May achieve some independence with equipment

Drinking system attached to power wheelchair and bed.

Motorised eating aid via head switch or eye.

Over bed table with height adjustment.

Domestic life

Table 1c: C1-4 complete neurological level – Domestic life
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Meal preparation, housework, shopping, home and garden maintenance Total assist  
Assistive technology and communication Independent and/or standby assistance Environmental control systems accessed from wheelchair and bed, with handsfree access, to operate home appliances, for example door, intercom, emergency communication device, temperature control and communication devices, such as phone, computer or tablet.
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