Tables 7a-c: L2-S5 neurological level

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Transfers and moving around

Table 7a: L2-S5 neurological level – Transfers and moving around
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Bed mobility Independent Ensemble bed
Transfers Independent With or without transfer board.
Mobility Independent Ultra-lightweight rigid or folding frame wheelchair.
Transport Independent driving in vehicle

Hand controls to drive, adaptive technique to transfer self and chair into vehicle or with chair hoist.

Pressure redistribution cushion for car.


Table 7b: L2-S5 neurological level – Self-care
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Pressure redistribution and positioning Independent

Pressure redistribution cushion.

Postural support equipment as indicated.

Skin inspection mirror.

Toileting Independent (May need some support)

Mobile shower commode with custom padded seat with full or partial side cut out for access recommended.

Over toilet aid with custom padded seat.

Padded toilet seat.

Showering Independent

Mobile shower commode as above recommended.

Shower chair without arm supports with padded seat cushion.

Handheld shower.

Dressing Independent Adaptive techniques.
Grooming Independent N/A
Eating or feeding Independent N/A
Other Independent Over bed table with height adjustment.

Domestic life

Table 7c: L2-S5 neurological level – Domestic life
Task or activity Expected functional outcomeEquipment
Meal preparation, housework, shopping, home and garden maintenance

Full assistance with heavy housework and home and garden maintenance only

Adaptive equipment, e.g. long handled brush and broom or reaching aid, specific kitchen appliances, and environmental modifications.
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