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Clinical rationale

There are many commercially available products that facilitate independence in the performance of home management tasks. The products are especially useful for those people with tetraplegia who have limited hand function. Consider the impact of pain and fatigue on a person’s ability to complete home management tasks.


Meal preparation

  • Chopping board with or without attached knife, spikes or peeler
  • Large-handled knives or utensils
  • Jar key
  • Jar or bottle openers
  • Kettle tippers
  • Electric can opener
  • Kitchen or perching stool
  • Traymobile or stable table to transport items or carry hot items to reduce the risk of burns on lower limbs.


  • Reaching aids
  • Long-handled dustpans and brooms.


  • Front-loading washing machine or dryer
  • Lowered clothesline.


  • Built-up pens and utensils.

Note: This list is not exhaustive.

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