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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Key concepts in this module

Working through a seating and mobility intervention can be a complex puzzle, where a lot of information must be considered, and seemingly simple changes have knock-on effects. In this module a framework is presented for clinicians to approach seating and mobility interventions in a systematic way.

It is helpful to remember that:

  • A systematic seating assessment provides comprehensive and client-centred information to formulate seating goals and interventions
  • It is a good strategy to consider seating and mobility systems in terms of ‘size’, ‘shape’ and ‘function’, to assist in matching equipment characteristics to client requirements
  • Taking a team approach enhances the process of goal setting and the outcome of the interventions
  • Trialling equipment and configurations plays a significant role in validating the selected intervention is effective and appropriate.