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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Further information and support

It is hoped that these modules will provide you with a clear and comprehensive foundation for clinical reasoning in spinal cord injury seating. As spinal cord injury seating is complex this course is only intended as an introduction, it is not an advanced or fully detailed course in wheelchair seating.

To build on this foundation it is recommended that you pursue further education and professional development. Attending conferences, tradeshows and training seminars is a good way to get exposure to the current range of equipment which is available in your region, as well as providing a good place to meet colleagues who also work in spinal seating. Maintaining a network of colleagues will allow you to share experiences and to learn from each other.

In New South Wales, many Local Health Districts have clinicians specialised in working with clients with a spinal cord injury; establishing good communication with these individuals will be invaluable benefit to you and your clients.

In NSW there are two Spinal Seating Services which provide coverage of spinal clients across the state (follow this link for contact information).

In some instances there may be complicating factors, and local therapists may require support. In these cases, the client can be referred to a Spinal Seating Service.

Referrals to a Spinal Seating Service are indicated for clients with:

  • Significant postural deformities
  • An inability to maintain a good seating posture throughout the day
  • Complex postural and functional needs where commercial products are not able to meet the desired outcome
  • Custom-fabricated products that require replacement, such as: cushions, custom-made backrests, armrests and foot supports
  • Unmanageable discomfort or skin marking
  • Non-healing, sitting-acquired pressure injuries
  • A history of recurrent pressure injuries
  • Previous surgical interventions relating to pressure injuries, or
  • Dependence on a respiratory ventilator.

Contact information for Spinal Seating Services in NSW