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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Key concepts in this module

  • Clients with SCI have complex needs that are typically highly individual. Seating interventions should be tailored to suit the individual and to pursue realistic and appropriate seating goals
  • These modules are intended as an educational series for clinicians who have limited experience with working with clients who have SCI. They may also be used as a clinical reference or for the various resources made available that can support clinical practice
  • Each module is self-contained but complements the material presented in each of the other modules. When taken together the modules provide a big picture overview of spinal seating
  • The structure of each module follows a similar pattern to help find topics quickly and easily
  • Each module contains a variety of resources that can be readily identified by their respective icons
  • Spinal seating is complex; do not become disheartened if the process takes time and several attempts before a suitable solution is found. Be aware of where to seek further information or assistance (contact a NSW Spinal Seating Service).