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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Module 4:
Body measurements


This module describes the purpose and components of body measurement processes required for seating and wheeled mobility prescription. It provides strategies for conducting body measurement in various clinical settings and presentations.


Accurate measurement of the client will enable clinicians to:

  • Correctly size trial equipment for the client
  • Reduce the number of client transfers and improve time management by pre-setting the seating and wheeled mobility equipment according to body measurement prior to an appointment
  • Have an accurate reference for the final seating configuration and any future equipment trials, and
  • Outline the clinical reasoning behind the specifications of wheeled mobility prescriptions in funding applications.


At the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of body measurements
  • Prepare for the recording of body measurements
  • Describe the process of conducting body measurements
  • Identify risk reduction strategies to accommodate different assessment settings and clients’ physical function issues
  • Know the purpose behind each body measurement component for seating and wheeled mobility prescription.
  • Measuring the client’s body
    • Preparation
    • Process
    • Risk assessment and safety concerns
    • Risk reduction strategies for measuring the client’s body
  • The purpose of specific body measurements
    • Measurements for cushions
    • Measurements for back supports
  • Key concepts in this module
  • Quiz for Module 4

In this module