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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Work as a team

Wheelchair suppliers have the most up to date PWC product knowledge, including technical details and software capabilities. Suppliers have a valuable role in the PWC assessment, trial, and prescription and provision process.

Consult with the client, carer and suppliers to select the most appropriate PWC device for the client. It is vital that the clinician clearly states the desired seating and mobility goals and the conditions of use to the supplier so that appropriate technologies and PWC configuration can be selected for the trial.

Together with the supplier, explore options and explain ‘trade-offs’ to the client.

A detailed PWC specification and the conditions of driving enable the supplier to configure the seating system and program the PWC for the client’s individual requirements.

Many carers are responsible for the daily operations and regular maintenance of the PWC, such as pushing the PWC to a storage area at night, charging batteries and maintaining tyre inflation. Instructions should be given to the carers.