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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Case Studies

Download the case studies that are relevant to your clinical setting and then answer the questions below. You can also practice using the Initial Interview Form with these case studies.

Case Study Downloads:


  1. What medical background and physical attributes can you identify from the information in the case study?
  2. What might be the psychosocial status of the client?
  3. List the activities of daily living of the client from the case study.
  4. What information about these activities will be important in wheelchair and seating interventions?
  5. What points would you note regarding the environments in which your client performs these activities?
  6. Are there questions you would want to ask the client to gain any additional critical information? Who would you consult?
  7. If you have to refer the client to a specialist seating clinic, what will you include in the referral?