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State Spinal Cord Injury Service

Spinal Seating Modules

Module 6:
A Framework for Seating and Mobility Intervention


This module provides a framework for clinicians when considering interventions to achieve seating and mobility goals. It outlines a procedural approach and problem solving techniques to work towards a positive seating outcome, in line with the client’s goals and objectives established through the assessment process in previous modules.


Wheelchair seating can be a complex and detailed process due to the many interrelated components. Changes to one component may have unforeseen consequences in terms of seating outcomes (pressure, posture, function and comfort).

Clinicians may need to consider many aspects of the bigger picture during the assessment phase as they work towards a setup that suits the client’s needs and stated objectives. Some of these aspects may not be obvious at the beginning of the intervention.

The framework presented in this module provides clinicians with a structured approach to considering wheelchair seating intervention and prescription. This framework will aid clinicians in filtering large amounts of information to find key points that will help problem solve a viable seating solution.


At the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • List the four interrelated goals of seating intervention
  • Describe the key principles of goal setting for seating and mobility interventions
  • Recognise the value of a team approach to goal setting
  • Describe strategies for identifying issues from the initial assessment
  • Understand the process and importance of organising seating trial set-ups
  • Apply the same problem solving framework for the content presented in Modules 7-10.

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