Burn injury education

The ACI Statewide Burn Injury Service provides education for health professionals in NSW.

The training covers all aspects of burn care:

  • initial first aid
  • assessment and management
  • wound management, dressing selection and application
  • short and long term physical, nutritional, speech and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Full day or half day programs can be delivered by team members from NSW severe burn units; however opportunities exist for smaller sessions. We can work with you to tailor education to your team’s needs. Contact the Statewide Burn Injury Service to arrange education sessions.


These resources can be used to support local burn care education for clinicians and to reinforce clinician learning after attendance at a burn education event.

  1. Early management: part 1 (PDF 2.1 MB)
  2. Early management: part 2 (PDF 2.6 MB)
  3. Statewide Burn Injury Service and transfer (PDF 3.1 MB)
  4. Wound management (PDF 4.6 MB)
  5. Multidisciplinary burn care and rehabilitation (PDF 2.4 MB)
  6. Management of burns: what you need to know (PDF 2.6 MB)

Management of burns conservative, operative, negative pressure, Biobrane

Burns epidemiology, response and early management

Burn wound management pain, mechanisms, blisters, wound management, dressing products, dressing techniques

Multidisciplinary team, physical scarring, functional interventions, psychosocial, nutrition, communication and swallowing

Burns assessment and overview - Tracy Hurley

Wound management - Loren Hay

Factors impacting the burn healing process - Madeleine Jacques

Burn pain - acute and chronic pain in the minor burn - Sue Taggart

Understanding referral process and factors to consider with local management - Siobhan Connolly

Biobrane product information and nursing wound management guidelines - Deborah Maze

Self management and pre-habilitation - Miranda Pye

What is a scar - Andrea McKittrick and Anne Darton

Introduction to ACI Statewide Burn Injury Service - Anne Darton

Rehabilitation in the burn injury context - Dr Brian Zeman

Pathophysiology of burn injuries - Dr Johnny Kwei

Surgical management in burns - Dr Johnny Kwei

Pain management after burn injury - John Turner

Burn wound management in a rehabilitation setting - Kate Welsh

Psychosocial impact and management of burn injuries - Julia Kwie

Adjustment to burns: The long hard road the psychiatrist's role - Assoc Prof Loyola Mclean

Psychosocial impact and management of burn injuries - Dr Rachel Kornhaber

Nutrition and burn rehabilitation - Caroline Nicholls

Burns reconstruction surgery - Dr Jeon Cha

Burn scar management - Akane Katsu

Exercise and rehabilitation following a burn injury - Louisa Wardrope

Splinting - Andrea McKittrick

Rehabilitation of voice and swallowing disorders in the patient with severe burn injury - Nicola Clayton

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