Burn patient management

People with burn injuries can present at any point in the NSW health system. The ability to assess, manage and transfer these patients to tertiary services is fundamental to good patient outcomes.

These resources support the acute clinical care of people with a burn injury. The resources were developed based on an evidence review (PDF 2.9 MB) and the extensive clinical experience of the multidisciplinary team members in NSW severe burn units.

Clinical guidelines

NSW burn transfer guidelines

Published: May 2022 (4th ed, version 2). Next review: 2025.

Retrieval, referral and transfer of patients with burn injuries to a severe burn unit.

Download the NSW burn transfer guidelines (PDF 2.4 MB)

Burn patient management

Published: April 2019 (4th ed, version 4.1). Next review: 2024.

Initial assessment, pain management, wound management and admission criteria for people with burn injuries.

Download the Burn patient managementguidelines (PDF 3.8 MB)

Escharotomy for burn patients

Published: June 2019 (2nd ed, version 2). Next review: 2024.

Indications and instructions for an incision through the eschar (escharotomy) to release the pressure.

Download the Escharotomy for burn patientsguidelines (PDF 791.0 KB)Download the escharotomy for burn patients guidelines (PDF 791.0 KB)


These tools are extracts from the clinical guidelines.

Burn size assessment: rule of nines

Published: August 2022

Tool to estimate the extent of a burn injury.

Download the assessment tool (PDF 205.8 KB)

Recognising burn depths chart

Published: December 2017

Criteria to describe the depth of a burn injury.

Download the chart (PDF 417.6 KB)

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