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Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Resources

These resources relate to practice improvement across multidisciplinary anaesthetic and perioperative (the period immediately before, during, and/or after surgery) care.


Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network


Sarah-Jane Waller
Anaesthesia & Perioperative Care A/Network Manager

Recently Added

ORP Assessment Tool

Added: 15 July 2019

Type: MS Excel Document (25.8 KB)

Fracture Liaison Coordinator, Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention Service

Added: 15 July 2019

Type: MS Word Document (48.7 KB)

NSW Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention Service Directory

Added: 15 July 2019

Type: PDF File (332.1 KB)

Osteoporosis Refracture Prevention

Added: 15 July 2019

Type: Webpage