Paediatric rehabilitation services

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Inpatient brain injury rehabilitation

All children from birth to 18 years (still at school) in need of neurorehabilitation are considered.

Some children may be triaged to specialist disability specific rehabilitation services, such as dedicated services for cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury within a Level 6 paediatric hospital.

Children admitted for brain injury specialist rehabilitation services have options for receiving decentralised support services closer to home when ready for hospital discharge.

Eligibility criteria are described in in Table 4: Paediatric rehabilitation eligibility criteria.

Community BIRP

In several rural locations these services are co-located with the BIRP adult teams. Metropolitan paediatric BIRP teams initiate referrals internally (inpatient to community) and support transfer of care to rural paediatric BIRPs.

Ongoing outpatient medical and multidisciplinary clinics are provided in metropolitan and some rural areas.

Referral from metropolitan (level 6) paediatric hospitals to BIRP rural services is based on eligibility criteria at each BIRP location. Inclusion and exclusion criteria exist to manage client needs within resources.  These are provided in Table 4: Paediatric rehabilitation eligibility criteria.

Table 4: Paediatric eligibility criteria
ServiceAgeConditions Other details
Illawarra Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service
(Port Kembla)

5-18 and still attending school

TBI, non-degenerative ABI after birth

The brain injury must be the primary diagnosis and the client’s issues should be related to this

Paediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team (John Hunter Children’s Hospital)


Acquired and TBI

Medical referral required

Mid-North Coast Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (Coffs Harbour and
Port Macquarie)



ABI if capacity available

Mid-Western Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (Bathurst)


Prioritise TBI

ABI (will review on a case-by-case basis)

Functional, cognitive and psychological rehab goals identified.

Capacity of family to self-manage care and rehab

New England Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (Tamworth)


Prioritise TBI

ABI (will review on a case-by-case basis)

Southern Area Brain Injury Service (Goulburn)

From 5 years to leaving school age

Prioritise TBI

ABI (will review on a (case-by-case basis)

Must have identifiable rehab goals, otherwise on a consultancy basis

South Western Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (Albury)

3-18 (school age)

Primary diagnosis of TBI

Referral with an acquired brain injury, other than a TBI may be considered at managers discretion

Resides in the Murrumbidgee LHD

Compensable clients (such as Transport Accident Commission) will be considered from North East Victoria

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (Randwick)


Acquired and TBI

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (Westmead)


Acquired and TBI

Western Child Health Network

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