Part D: Brain injury specialist rehabilitation programs

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Brain injury rehabilitation programs (BIRPs) are an essential ingredient in the provision of brain injury specialist rehabilitation. The BIRP is a population-based model with intensive intervention in metropolitan locations and affiliated with trauma hospitals for referrals. Metropolitan teams will refer to the specialised rural BIRP teams closer to where the person lives when ready for transition.

NSW has seven BIRPs located in Sydney and Newcastle metropolitan areas with eight BIRPs in key regional centres. See BIRPs in NSW for details.

Services provided by BIRPs

  • Adult inpatient
  • Adult transitional living program (TLP)
  • Adult community team (and including outpatient services)
  • Adult case management
  • Paediatric sub-acute inpatient
  • Paediatric in-reach to acute
  • Paediatric community team including day hospital
  • Paediatric case management

These services form the NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. ACI manages the clinical network and engages clinicians and consumers for better health outcomes.

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