The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Directorate

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BIRPs provide a NSW population based decentralised service model that operates within and across LHDs.

Each BIRP, as well as being a local service is also a part of the Brain Injury rehabilitation Directorate (BIRD).

The BIRD is primarily focused on improving the health and social participation outcomes for children, young people and adults of working age (and their families and carers) with severe brain injury. This is done by working collaboratively with clinicians and others engaged in providing specialist rehabilitation services; encouraging consumers and the broader community to use evidence-based research to reduce unwarranted clinical variation and developing and supporting the implementation of system-wide opportunities.

The BIRD is led by an executive committee which includes consumers and representatives from metropolitan and rural adult and paediatric brain injury services of the NSW BIRP.

The network members include representatives from NSW and national consumer organisations, doctors, nurses, allied health clinicians, managers, researchers and other staff working in the NSW BIRP, clinicians in non-BIRP services and private practice and consumers and family members.

The network includes the paediatric reference group.

A key ingredient to the success of all of the brain injury rehabilitation services in the network is the sharing of expertise across the network. There are hub and spoke connections between the settings across NSW including clinical management support, professional development and telehealth.

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Network provides foundational inputs and activities essential for the operation of brain injury rehabilitation programs.

  • Are the foundational inputs in place?
  • Are the foundational activities in place?
  • How can local decision-making by LHDs and Speciality health Networks (SHN) add value to the statewide network of BIRPs?
  • How can an equitable and transparent access to brain injury specialist rehabilitation services be achieved across the whole of NSW?
  • What is in the best interests of the consumers, family and carers across the whole of NSW?


Leadership is how well the BIRD engages consumers, clinicians and stakeholders in providing strategic direction, a commitment to the values of brain injury specialist rehabilitation and advocacy for better health care to meet the needs of the identified population.

Network of services providing seamless care and equitable access

A network of services providing seamless care and equitable access including formal referral networks for greater metropolitan and regional areas.

Treatment co-ordination across services

Treatment co-ordination across services resulting in best practice care for people receiving brain injury specialist rehabilitation.

Shared expertise across the network

Shared expertise across the network for both adult and paediatric services.

Professional development

To develop evidence-based education resources and provide training opportunities for clinicians.

Evidence, research and evaluation

Translating research knowledge into therapy practice.

Public awareness and information programs on brain injury

Public awareness and information programs on brain injury.

Consumer engagement in the design of programs

Ensuring consumers are engaged when designing the programs.

Advocacy for improvement in services

To investigate service needs and influence policies and practices to ensure that service systems are responsive to individual and family needs.

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