Episode2 Pain and Physical Activity


Welcome to Episode 2. This episode is about the importance of physical activity. It will cover different types of physical activity, how to work out activity levels, how to make an activity plan, how to work towards your goals, and how to manage when pain flares up. You will also develop an understanding of how daily physical activity will help you to  manage persistent pain.

This episode uses the term “physical activity”.  Physical activity refers to movement of  the body. Examples of physical activity could include going to school, playing ball games, surfing, flying a kite, walking, or undertaking everyday duties or chores around home. “Exercise” tends to refer to more vigorous physical activity. It is something that people can do to improve or maintain physical fitness and is usually planned, structured, and repetitive. Examples of exercise could include cross-training, mixed  martial arts, or lifting weights.

Safety Message

Physical activity is a normal part of daily life. However, individuals with a pain condition should consult their doctor or physiotherapist before starting a new type of physical activity or an exercise program to check that it is suitable for them.

We would encourage that you take a break after completion of each episode, spend some time, maybe a week in between, working on the skills you have learnt, before going onto the next episode in the series.