Episode1 Feedback

This is the end of Episode 1

It is hoped that you have gained more information about the concept of chronic pain and how it can be managed.

In particular you should have a better understanding about:

  • How we feel pain
  • How acute pain and chronic pain differ
  • How you can manage pain
  • Who can help you to manage pain
  • How you can take responsibility for you pain

You should also have developed some skills in:

  • How to describe your pain to a health care provider or others
  • How to prepare for a consultation with a health care provider

Take some time to think about what you can do to make your experience of managing pain better.


We would like to know if you found the information useful, so please fill in the feedback questions below. Thank you!

We would encourage that you take a break after completion of each episode and that you spend some time, maybe a week in between working on the skills you have learnt before going onto the next episode in the series.