Episode6 Feedback

This is the end of Episode 6!

It is hoped that you have gained more information about the unique strengths and challenges faced by your family; and how your family can play an important part in influencing your experience of chronic pain.

In particular, you should have learnt:

  • That you are not alone in coping with pain
  • That your family has unique strengths which can be harnessed
  • That all families face challenges which causes stress
  • That there are resources available to deal with challenges

You should also have developed some skills in:

  • How to identify the unique strengths of your family
  • How to identify challenges you and your family might currently be facing
  • How to identify the stress that is related to your family challenges
  • How to identify effective forms of communication

Take a break now, and take some time to think about what you can do to make your experience of managing pain better. We would like to know if you found the information in this episode useful, so please fill in the feedback questions below. Thank you.