Episode7 Feedback

This is the end of episode 7!

It is hoped that you have gained more information about how you can cope with obstacles and challenges.

In particular you should have a better understanding about:

  • How obstacles and challenges are expected, and part of the learning experience
  • How obstacles and challenges can be used to help with future coping
  • How obstacles and challenges are not a sign of failure.

You should also have developed some skills in:

  • Predicting and planning for challenging situations
  • How to create a support group of people to help manage pain effectively now and in the future.

Take a break now, and take some time to think about what you can do to make your experience of managing pain better.


You have now completed all segments of Pain Bytes. You can now go back and do any of the segments again at any time.

List below the things that have really helped you. Make sure you print it off and keep it to help you in the future to manage your pain.


Managing chronic pain is difficult, but it can be done with planning, keeping positive, using your support network and the range of strategies covered in the segments. It takes time and effort, and a way of thinking about pain. But you can control your pain!