Episode5 Segment 4 - How will I be able to concentrate at school?

Fast Fact 1

Get a good night’s sleep to improve concentration

Fast Fact 2

Ask for help from your teachers

It is important that you get into a routine of attending school on a daily basis, and use strategies to manage your pain while you are there. Once school attendance has improved and you are maintaining a routine, you can work on your marks and grades by setting goals for yourself. This takes concentration.

Having pain can make it difficult to think. It is important that your teachers are aware of your pain and how it impacts on your concentration and energy levels. That way they can better understand how to support and help you.

Concentration and energy is also greatly affected by how well we have slept. Lack of sleep can also affect your ability to control emotions such as sadness, anger, and irritability.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important in helping you to manage your pain and to function better at school. In general, adolescents need at least 8.5 hours sleep per night.

How to improve your sleep environment and habits


Listed below are some guidelines to help you improve your sleep environment and habits. Click each guideline to read more information. It is recommended that you review the information as it may give you some ideas about improving your sleep habits.

Same Time

Bedtime Routine


No Daytime Naps

Avoid Stimulation


Avoid Distraction

Reduce Concentration

Reduce Worries


User Activity

The purpose of this task is to help you identify certain sleep habits and features of sleep environment.


Listed below are questions to help assess your sleep habits and sleep environment. Read through each question and answer "yes" or "no" by ticking the appropriate box, then think about what you can improve.

1. Do you go to bed and get up at the same time each day?

Yes No

2. Do you have a bedtime routine?

Yes No

3. Do you sleep in the day?

Yes No

4. Do you drink drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, chocolate)?

Yes No

5. Do you play music before sleep?

Yes No

6. Do you use a computer, iPad, or watch TV in bed?

Yes No

7. Do you have a mobile phone next to your bed?

Yes No

8. Do you have worries that keep you awake?

Yes No