Episode7 Segment 2 - Why is it important to have support? Where can support be found?

Fast Fact 1

You are
not alone

Fast Fact 2

Find people who
may be able to give
you support and

Fast Fact 3

Discuss successes,
difficulties, and
your Coping Plan

Why is it important to have support?

Finding a group of people who know about your pain and are able to support and encourage you is important. It means that you are not alone as you make your journey. It makes it easier for you, as the more that people understand about your pain and your coping strategies, the more supportive they can be. They can help to keep you on track. Try to share relevant information about your coping successes and failures with members of your pain support group. Remember, that it does not mean that you have to tell each member of your support group everything.

If people in your support group don't know what you are going through, and how you are trying to cope, then it is difficult for them to support you.

As well as talking with your support group about your pain and coping, you might also find it helpful to share some information provided on this website.

Where can support be found?

Think about the places where you spend the most time. This might be home, school, sports clubs, at friends. Within these places are people that you can trust. This could include family members, school teachers, a school counsellor, coaches, health professionals and best friends. It would be helpful to have at least someone in each of these places to have some understanding of your pain. These people are then in a better position to support and encourage you to use your coping strategies. They can also help you consider whether anything in that place can be changed to help you cope. For example, telling a trusted teacher about your successes and challenges in coping with pain at school means they can support and encourage you when you next face difficult situations. Together you might be able to plan for challenging situations like a lengthy exam, or school camp, using your Coping Plan.

Have a look at the tips in the Pain and Family episode, these tips are for how you can help your family help you, and the same things can be used to help prepare other support people.

Click here for Family and Sibling Tip Sheets

User Activity

This activity is about identifying people you want to be part of your support group.


In the space provided below, type in some people that could support you in coping with your pain.

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