Episode3 Segment 1 - How is stress and anxiety a personal experience?

Fast Fact 1

It is normal to feel stress and anxiety, but everyone
is different

Fast Fact 2

Stress and
anxiety can affect
you physically

Stress and anxiety is a personal experience. Everyone has different triggers or situations that can lead them to feel stressed or anxious. This is what we call normal everyday emotions that are unique to ourselves.

User Activity

This exercise aims to teach you two things:

  1. That stress and anxiety are personal
  2. That you can start to identify the sorts of things that make you anxious or stressed


Shown below are some things that some people find stressful or worrying. What do you think? Do you find any of these stressful or worrying? Tick which boxes you feel apply to you and add some more of your own at the end.

Going to a friend's party and not knowing anybody else there

Sitting a school test or exam

Receiving an injection

Fighting with someone at school

Public speaking

Riding a roller coaster

Having lots of work to do in a short period of time

Finding a spider in your bedroom

Having someone at school like a friend or teacher not believe that you have pain

Reading out loud in class

Losing your wallet

Missing lots of school

Going on an excursion

Not having someone to sit with at lunch

Catching public transport

Camping in a tent or caravan

Coping with pain at a party or sleepover

Being talked about behind your back

Things that make me anxious or stressed:

Enter your own:

Feelings are personal

If a family member or friend of yours compared their feelings in these situations, some things might be the same. But, some things might also be different. This is because our feelings are personal experiences.

When we feel worried or stressed, we may have the following experiences that affect the body:

  • sweaty palms
  • sharp pain in the throat
  • digestion slows
  • heart races
  • feel faint
  • feel alert, wide awake
  • muscle tension
  • breathing may speed up or feel rushed
  • stomach cramps
  • feel sick
  • tingling in hands and feet
  • pain